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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Should I repair my garage door myself?
A: Depends – some garage door routine maintenance and safety testing may be performed by the home owner. All other garage door repairs need a qualified technician.
Q: Should I repair the old garage door, or replace it with a new garage door?
A: Generally, if the garagedoor sections are intact, it is less expensive to repair. If two or more of the sections have failed, replace thegaragedoor.
Q: The big coil spring has broken – Why?
A: The standard torsion spring is designed to last for 10,000 cycles. This could be 7 to 12 years, depending on usage. We recommend replacing both springs to save another service call in the near future. Also, high cycle life springs are available for a nominal fee.
Q: What is a wind-loaded door and do I need one?
A: A wind-loaded or wind-code door refers to a 2003 change to the building code requiring all structural components of a house to be designed and tested to withstand high wind.This change resulted in much stronger garage doors and though not required for construction permits for 2002 or older, these new doors are much more durable for minimal expense.
Q: Maintenance? What maintenance?
A: Exactly. Just like your car, lubrication is the key to a long, quiet life. Although we do not promote or recommend a specific brand, generally petroleum based products for the door, lithium based or other synthetics for the opener. See owner’s manual for their recommendations and remember…Safety First!